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In the vast world of the internet, there are only a handful of websites per genre that are actually worth viewing. This is the reason why if you probably take two people who do not necessarily move in the same circles and ask them what websites they frequent, they will surprisingly have more commonalities that you would have expected. Save for specific industry and local sites, we all generally use websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like. When it comes to move download sites, a few stand- out. Here is a list and review of some of the most popular websites on the net where you can download movies for free or for a minimal cost.

  • CinemaNOw: This site is a pay site but has a free three day trial. Although it has its limitations such as you can only download to a PC, the selection they have is very comprehensive. Furthermore, the software it comes with is excellent. With it, you can manage your movies efficiently as well as play it in different devices.
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Why watch online when you can download

Each time we see Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio banking on the wooden plank in the middle of the sea, we skip a heartbeat. Each time we hear The Godfather Marlon Brando say “I’ll make you an offer you cannot refuse”; you can feel the goose-bumps inside all across your body. Movies have a great impact in our lives directly and indirectly. Each one of us, on a personal connects with them in some way or the other. Some like action, some like romantic, and some might like drama and some will have their favorites in every category. The movie buffs drool over those favorite movies that they would not mind watching a thousand times, they would pause at their favorite dialogue, put it on repeat until they get enough of it.

Watching movies is not just a pass time but a lot more than that. Some movies are deeply connected to our hearts so much so that you cannot just watch them online once and leave it there. Movies like this need to be downloaded, stored and be kept safe with you forever so that each time you want to recall it, it’s there for you.

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Watch and download movies from

know you’re expecting another resource for downloading movies for free, but have you heard about the “Amazon instant video” service? It’s a pretty new service that allows you to rent or download almost any movie that was ever created. It’s a couple of dollars for a week rental or something like 10$ for full download without restrictions. It’s not free but it costs almost nothing and sometimes it can be worth it, especially if you think your time searching for the free download worth more than a couple of dollars… anyway, here is the link-

Amazon Instant Video Watch and download movies from

History of the Internet

Well I know this isn’t really about download movies for free, but personally I really liked this movie that reminded me of the history of the internet, before the streaming era.

History of the Internet from Melih Bilgil on Vimeo.